Who we are

We are an independent advisory boutique

with professionals with academia, business and finance backgrounds, with vast experience in the governance bodies of listed and unlisted companies.

The numerous senior figures that form our team

guarantee a consolidated know-how

and a wide range of highly qualified and transversal skills.

Our 50 and over professionals offer a

high-value consulting service

through a synergistic, independent and multidisciplinary approach among our services, which include Professional Services, Family Business, Financial Advisory and Management Consulting.

We support

150 clients on average per year

also through long-lasting relationships.

Our values


Not a mere value but a fundamental and essential characteristic for a complete service, tailored to each need of our customers.


A structured and united team, characterized by a high degree of seniority gained through academic and professional activities of excellence and by consolidated transversal skills.


Four different areas of expertise for a synergistic, integrated and complete approach, suitable for any significant moment of the life of a company.


A distinctive and essential factor, guaranteeing great professionalism in the total absence of conflicts of interest.