Family Business

Our qualified support for efficient and tailor-made solutions in the various areas of Family Business, with assistance in the management of family relationships, in the choices of ownership and governance and in the generational handover process.

Family Agreements

Check-up of the relations between proprietary family and company.
Definition and formalization of rules and principles defining family-business relations.
Assistance in the definition of rules in the statutes and shareholders’ agreements.


Reorganization of the corporate and ownership structures in order to facilitate enterprise management, wealth protection and handover processes; best practice evaluation, establishment of holding companies, evaluation of alternative corporate structures, asset spin-offs, etc..
Reinforcement of the BoD in terms of its composition, functioning, powers and delegations; implementation of statutory changes and assignment of roles within the company.
Introduction of Family Councils.

Generational handover

Support in the delegation process and in the definition of the entry rules for the new generations.
Young family members’ assessment and relative development opportunities.
Tutorship through coaching and periodic reviews.

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